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This type cartridge has became the standard for vaping oils. When you vape from a cartridge is is vapor or smoke? The answer surprisingly is smoke. A micro coil heats up inside the cartridge and ceramic round piece keeps the oil separated from the main oil chamber via the ceramic doughnut coil. The vapor-smoke is more or less depending on the hit you take. This is where good coils and not so good coils for cartridges differ. tko cartridges for sale

The CCELL or Ceramic Ccell cartridge is getting confused these days with so many china copies out there. Here is a simple reason why. The both look the same with the naked eye, however the CCell porous rating is much higher than the copies. So when you get to the end of the tank more times than not, oils do not fully get used and you have material left over that will not burn or vape. Remember, this is not ejuice. Also the CCell coil allows the flow of oil inside the cart in a more smooth way making sure that hot boxing or hitting the cartridge is a group setting ( like passing it around) the oil may not go into the coil with a flowing sufficient way. Thus causing the coil to burn.

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